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What is INS
INS is a Blockachin based project that develops and improves food marketing. This network can save people from expensive retailers and connect producers directly with low cost to consumers. Such an approach would have a win-win for both the producer and the consumer.

Food Marketing

The food market is one of the largest consumer markets in the world: it’s expected to reach 8.5 trillion dollars by 2020. Meanwhile, over 50% of this amount is the cost retailers receive from customers as prices rise. Today, due to the presence of different producers in the food market, we face some uncertainty about the choice. Many people are faced with a wide range of products when they visit stores to buy a food product, which makes them very difficult to choose for a variety of reasons. Because the price tolerance is very high. And many people are confused about choosing food. For example, consumers are faced with a variety of prices for canning fish tuna, which depends on two very important factors:

 The quality of canned and the type of canned fish
The price at which the retailer choked with the manufacturer
But the basic question is, how to choose between the two when the quality of the two products is equal and close to each other


Simply put, the price of two products with the same quality is very much different from each other, and the customer without the knowledge of this subject to buy a product with a higher price and this will be a major challenge for the customer because of the quality Specifically, it has to pay a higher price, while no information is available on the actual price of the product and product purchased.
The question that arises here is that the extra and illegal profits paid for such products flow into the pocket
The point here is that the profits of this price difference often flow into retailers’ wallets, and customers have to pay off the retailer’s excessive interest in their pockets, which is a very uncomfortable thing.

In many cases, retailers are pushing manufacturers to buy the product at the lowest possible price and sell the same product to customers at the highest possible price. In some cases, it has also been seen that retailers do not pay their debts to producers, despite the huge amounts they have been sold to customers for their products. All this while retailers are threatening manufacturers to stop selling their products, which can make major profits from both the original manufacturer and customers. This is a very unfair process. This causes both customers and manufacturers to hurt and pitch the main advantage to retailers. This process should be stopped and the rights of consumers and manufacturers should be respected, so that the producer is encouraged to produce quality products and to buy the consumer of quality products at a very low price.


How to overcome the unjust trend of retailers

Now that precisely the fundamental problem in the food supply chain has been identified, the fundamental question is how to overcome the unjust trend of retailers? How can the customer’s rights be maintained and the price of products reduced to their true value? How can producers who supply products with high quality and at reasonable prices be backed up?

The answer to this question is simple
INS provides a system that addresses all these problems at the same time. By removing greedy retailers, INS will make products at a much lower price available to customers. On the other hand, because of the unbroken link between the buyer and the manufacturer, the manufacturer also supplies its products at real prices H55.
Using this system will eliminate business intermediaries and bring real value goods to customers .


Green supply chain trough INS

In many cases, it is seen that the food supply is far from miles away. This makes many of the products that are not canned to lose their quality in order to reach the consumer’s hands and to be discarded in many cases. This is also an important challenge in the food industry. Which threatens agricultural land and biosphere.

The INS project links consumers with producers near their site. Because advertising costs are high for manufacturers and their returns are low due to the targeted advertising. On the other hand, manufacturers are forced to increase their advertising costs at the price of the final product. This increases the price of the product, which is harmful to the consumer. But the INS project reduces these costs to zero, which means dual gaming for the manufacturer and consumer. In such a system, the consumer buys his product at a lower price, and the producer can quickly get his money. This will also result in the sustainability of production and the survival of employment.

support Team in the INS project

support team is very important in successment of the project. I experimented before that so many project with good idea could not been success in their projects. when I investigate the main reason of this problem, I notify that the main reason of this problem is the team that guide the project and the team that they sponsored the project. so i pay attention to the sponsor team very much because they have main roll in project success. if the sponsor team had been strong so the project support level been strong, and when sponsor team were weak (poor) so the support level was low and project had been very risky. I advise you to pay attention to support team and search their money level to decrease your risks. as well as I told you INS project has some sposor team. Given that such a system requires a fully co-ordinates, agile and experienced team, INS employs experienced people to develop their services, with experiences gained in different countries. The project is inspired by the experiences of its employees in different countries and familiar with the food trade system around the world. Among the experiences that this system has achieved with good success, it can be four years to communicate with customers and meet their needs in Russia. The inadequacy and misuse of the current structure of the food industry has made the INS a great opportunity to pursue a decentralized and fair ecosystem that eliminates the global food retail market, and directly producers and Connects consumers.

Project sponsors
The project has been supported by a large number of global giants, including Mail.ru Group, LEV KHASIS, SERGEY SOLONIN, ILYA YAKUBSON.

How does the ecosystem of INS work

The INS ecosystem will be the first ecosystem to connect the manufacturer to the vendor anywhere in the world. By identifying manufacturers, the system will share their information with the blockade system, and on the other hand, the buyer will buy the product using the blockade system without retailers. This will be done using block diagrams generated by INS. A startup page creates a wallet for the user, and a similar system is created for vendors. Due to the fact that the bags are decentralized and the system is open source, system security is guaranteed. In general, the system will include the following parts:

1- Customer Wallet: This system is where the customer has access to his inventory and orders under the blockchain system. In other words, it can provide other users with their orders and feedback, as well as other users’ feedback.
2. Producer Wallet: This is exactly where the suppliers of products and manufacturers have access to orders received by users guaranteed to be guaranteed and feedback received from their product. Sellers can make the most of their efforts to improve the value of their product by increasing quality and lowering prices for buyers. They will also be aware of user feedback to fix their defects, become familiar with the needs of users, and try to apply their ideas to their products.
3. The system of staff including couriers, goods allocation officials, etc.: This system is in fact responsible for managing tasks, observing vendors and manufacturers of products, overseeing the shipment of goods, and carrying out the task of shipment from origin to destination. .
4. The system designed to manage the tasks of the system is the same as the INF platform, which connects users to manufacturers. In this system, manufacturers will be rated and consumer feedback can lead to a producer rating, which will cause the poor producer to be gradually removed from the system or ranked lower. In this way, consumers’ rights will be heavily protected. This could include things such as speed of execution, price, quality, and things that matter to consumers.

Confidence building using smart contracts and the block chain system

Today, with the development of human societies, there are people around the world who work together. This in mind gives somebody some confidence in how to trust a person living on a distant point? This problem has been solved with the use of block chain technology. Intelligent contracts provide facilities that allow users to share part of their assets as a guarantee for the achievement of a specific task. The system will also use Smart contracts to guarantee service. In other words, using this system, customers will be absolutely sure they will buy without worrying about sending and delivering their products, as well as manufacturers worrying about losing their products in the transfer process. Such an approach will allow users, in addition to being user-friendly, comfortable to send, but also send their products with ease and confidence. It will also be easy for merchants to be eliminated, which will cost a lot of money to resell products from customers. And finally, the cost of the goods will also be reduced.

Security guarantee

The blockade system is such that its security factor is very high through the verifies of the extractors, and each transaction must be verified by individuals from all over the world who are responsible for extracting digital currencies. This will allow contracts to be signed in a number of ways, and multiple extracts will be finalized before approval. So, in order to finally reach a contract, there are always witnesses who have recorded the deal. This also makes the contract secure in terms of safety. On the other hand, the decentralization of these contracts will make all transfers securely carried out. In such a system, the buyer is confident about the amount paid and the seller is not worried about sending his product to anywhere in the world.


As discussed in this article: The market for food is a market that most of the events take place by retailers, and these eaters can use their power to buy products at less than their actual prices from producers, and more than value Real product to sell to buyers. Also, retailers fail bankruptcy in a timely manner, causing many people to be threatened. Expensive retailers also charge a lot of customers. So this is an unfair system. Therefore, this process should be stopped and consumer and producer rights protected. On the other hand, with the advancement of technology and its development, the blockade system is a secure system based on the authentication of transactions by several users. Which enables financial transfers from anywhere in the world to other points without intermediaries. Which brings a very good potential for removal of intermediaries. Hence, the INS-based ecosystem is capable of blocking the interface between the consumer and the manufacturer and ensuring the security of exchanges and product quality. Which, if properly implemented, is highly evaluated. Therefore, the advantages of this system are evaluated as follows:

Advantages of the INS system

 Removing brokers and retailers

 Providing products for customers at lower prices than sellers

 Determine the timely receipt of funds for major product manufacturers

 Easy product detection based on their quality and prices

Increased employment in the food sector by eliminating delays in payments

Increasing the speed of the process of transferring products and reducing the paperwork commonly used with the blockade system

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